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On Monday and Tuesday we welcome hotel guests in our restaurant "La Betulla". We offer a small menu of good, modern dishes. Authentic products are used and reinterpreted by our chef Loïc Jambon with southern culinary influences.

"La Betulla" is fully in line with the values of the Manoir de Lébioles, namely to provide emotion in every dish. For each course, we offer wines selected by the sommelier Maxime Germain. Enjoy a warm and relaxing atmosphere as well as a discreet, friendly and courteous service.

3-courses €70 - Wine pairing €35


Winter Garden
Pickles of Mushrooms / Candied Tomatoes / Smoked Duck Breast «Ferme d'Artagnan»
€ 25
Scallops from Britany / Vanilla Celery / Red onion
€ 25
Vegetarian Winter Garden
Pickles of Mushrooms / Candied Tomatoes / Smoked Seitan
€ 20

Main Courses

Couscous with Octopus
Vegetables / Spanish Octopus / Chickpeas
€ 35
Ballotine of Yellow Poultry
Oyster / Trout «Commanderie 7» / Butternut Ginger / Sicilian Lemon Compote
€ 37
Vegetarian Couscous
Vegetables / Caramelized Fennel / Chickpeas
€ 30


White Chocolate Mango Tartlet € 15
Sphere of Passion Chocolate € 16
Cheeses Selection from «Maison Straet»
(Supplement in the Menu € 6)
€ 18

Please inform a member of stuff of any allergies and intolerancies you may have.

To offer you the best experience, we ask you to reserve your table in advance.