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The Manoir de Lébioles Spa

Harmony in the world of the four elements

The architecture of the wellness area at the Manoir de Lébioles was planned in accordance to the four elements water, air, fire and earth. Congenial to the overall vision of the Manoir de Lébioles, the well-being of our guests is at the centre of all considerations.

In addition to offering the latest technology, introverted and extroverted rest areas are the ideal place for absolute relaxation of body and mind.

The wellness area of the Manoir de Lébioles includes:

  • Sauna
  • Steam bath
  • Ice fountain
  • Kneipp foot baths
  • Aromatherapy and massage showers
  • Vitality pool with hydro massage, spa lounges, shower and Jetstream
  • Several rest areas
  • Lounge with open fireplace
  • Cardio and fitness area
  • Locker rooms and showers, equipped with all modern conveniences

Immerse yourself in a world of beauty and luxury, and experience a new sense of complete well-being...

The Spa is open to guests staying at the hotel from 08:00 until 20:00, 7 days a week, (you will find a bathrobe, slippers and soft towel in your room) and to non-residents from 09:00 until 18:00 (you will be presented with a bathrobe, slippers and soft towel on arrival at the spa). Children under the age of 16, accompanied by an adult, are welcome to use the Spa between 10:00 and 12:00 only. In the morning, a swim suit is mandatory in the entire spa area. Also in the afternoon, except in the sauna and steam room.

Cosmetic and beauty treatments can be performed between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. upon reservation.

Hotel guests have free access to the wellness area.


Subject to appointment

MONDAY TO FRIDAY, excluding public and school holidays. To avail of the Spa on Saturdays or Sundays, kindly book a treatment of 79,-€ minimum, a programme or an overnight stay.

49,- €/person for one full day
39,- €/person for half a day

At a minimum amount of 150,-€ selected treatments per person, you receive a 50% discount on the above flat fee.

At an amount of over 250,-€ selected treatments per person, the flat fee is omitted.



The Maison Valmont at the Manoir de Lébioles.
Welcome to a universe devoted to beauty entirely ‘Made in Switzerland’. The Maison Valmont offers a unique spa concept that combines multiple natural resources with prestigious cutting-edge cellular cosmetics that boost treatment protocols and products, resulting in a replenishing effect that is visible to the naked eye. Spa customers at the Manoir de Lébioles can now benefit from the savoir-faire of Valmont beauty experts and professional treatments delivered by our beauticians using carefully selected products. Enjoy a truly privileged experience.


With Masque Collagène Hydratation Intense
45 minutes -130,-€
90 minutes - 225,-€

Far more than just skin cleansing, this expert treatment comprises 12 stages for gently and comfortably eliminating skin impurities. From pre-cleansing to the final touch, le soin purité des Alpes allies the delicateness of gentle movement with the efficacy of Valmont products. Designed to purify and calm the complexion, this Valmont treatment is perfect for everyone, particularly those whose skin exhibits an imperfect texture, an uneven complexion or is prone to imperfections.

60 minutes – 150,-€
90 minutes – 225,-€

This tailored treatment begins with a personalised diagnostic of your skin’s needs, followed by a complete facial comprising exfoliation, massage and Valmont collagen mask. This nourishing combination regenerates and hydrates from within, minimises wrinkles and restores vitality for a healthy, dewy glow.

Sources des Bisses – Hydration
This treatment reveals optimally hydrated, re-plumped and smoothed skin. Facial features are re-contoured and tiredness is erased. Quite simply radiant!
Vitalité des Glaciers – Energy
This treatment reveals regenerated, glowing, firmer skin. A must-have treatment for stressed, dull skins.

90 minutes – 255,-€

For this luxurious treatment, Valmont presents five innovative techniques for giving skin a lifted, smooth look. Following in-depth cleansing and exfoliation by means of Valmont's signature butterfly movement, you will enjoy gentle face massages to sculpt and re-contour the features. The final touch is a collagen mask to leave the skin firm, plumped up and restored.


Diagnostic : Beauté Babor Derma Visualizer

The Derma Visualizer is a modern skin analysis tool designed for optimum visualisation of skin problems and signs. Highly enlarged photos of the chosen cutaneous zones allow us to perform a precise, instant diagnostic of your skin in images.


For this treatment, we select products from our prestigious SKINOVAGE range in order to adapt them to each type of skin.

Ultra-effective system for all skin types


Immediately and lastingly optimises hydration of dry skin.


Directly calms sensitive skin and enhances its elasticity.


Regularises the hydrolipidic film of mixed skin.


Lastingly reduces skin irritations and impurities and refines the structure of oily or impure skin.


Premium Skincare Quick (30 min.)

Explore the heart of BABOR with the Ampoule effect
Cleansing – scrub – ampoule - massage – mask - individual closing treatment

Premium Skincare Classic (60 min.)

A classic facial with added touches to tackle all your skin challenges
Cleansing – scrub – ampoule - massage – mask - individual closing treatment

Premium Skincare Intense (90 min.)
An advanced treatment comprising deeper exfoliation, which aims at a refreshed look and a personalised finish.

Cleansing- fruit acid or enzyme scrub-ampoule - Massage-mask - intensive eye contour treatment - individual closing treatment


Reversive Anti-Aging Treatment (90 min.)

Pro Youth treatment comprising a relaxing massage for immediate visible results: your skin rediscovers its youthful glow, appears smoother and firmer. A moment of relaxation with a lasting effect.

Cleansing- fruit acid scrub - rose quartz stone massage - eye contour and lips treatment - lifting massage - special mask - individual closing treatment

HSR® Lifting Treatment (90 min.)

Latest-generation facial lifting: smooths, plumps up and tones down all types of wrinkles while firming up the skin.

Cleansing-scrub-lifting massage - eye contour and lips treatment- special mask- individual closing treatment

Epilation of eyebrows and upper lip included in all our face and décollétage treatments.

Beautiful Touches

  • Eyelash tint 25,-€
  • Eyebrow tint 15,-€


The new Babor spa concept draws on the history of earth and sea to create sensual wellness experiences and tangible results for the skin. The full range comprises local European plant and fruit extracts that promote the skin's natural protective functions and strengthen its elasticity.


Choice between a relaxing therapeutic bath with natural oil or a hydrating therapeutic bath. Accompanied by soothing, relaxing music.

39,-€/1 person or
69,-€/2 persons

Body scrubs

According to your skin type and needs...

€ 64

  • Gommage au sel Marin
    Intensive sea salt scrub, rich in minerals for revitalised, toned skin.

Body masks

According to your skin type and needs...

€ 60

  • Masque corporel des Iles
    With beauty in mind, this regenerating, anti-ageing body mask promotes the skin’s firmness and renewal.
  • Masque corporel des Lagons
    With gentleness in mind, this mask containing red algae extracts offers multiple hydrating, relaxing and nourishing benefits for a moment of profound relaxation.
  • Masque corporel Marin
    With wellbeing in mind, this wrap containing laminar algae is a high-performing treatment that intensely remineralises and promotes tissue drainage. It delivers intense hydration.

Body modelling

SigNATURE Manoir de Lébioles Massage (50 min)

It starts with a special "Oshibori" muscle relaxation.
This wellness massage focuses on the back, face, neck, scalp and ends with a foot massage.
Enjoy total relaxation through wide, deep movements.
This is how you bring your life energies back into balance.

€ 115

Face – bust – scalp modelling (30 min)

€ 59

Relaxing plantar modelling (30 min)

€ 59

Relaxing muscular modelling (30 min)
Modelling of the body’s rear surface with an emphasis on the back: soothes tensions, using deep, powerful manoeuvres, promotes muscle relaxation and deep tension release.

€ 69

Mum-to-be modelling (30 min)
This modelling relieves tensions in the lower back, in the neck, in the legs. A moment of gentleness and relaxation.

€ 69

Relaxing modelling (50 min)
A true invitation to take things easy, this modelling performed on the whole body frees up tensions and promotes profound relaxation. A true call to let go, our technique leads to a total sensation of fullness.

€ 105

Modelage (75 min)
This massage relaxes the body and relieves muscular tensions. Work is essentially done on the arms and forearms, movements are sweeping and fluid. Positive energy is released through a cradling, bobbing sensation.

€ 155



€ 15

Upper lip

€ 12

Upper lip, chin and cheeks

€ 24


€ 15


€ 19


€ 22


€ 22


€ 24


€ 44


€ 19

Full Bikini

€ 34

Must-have treatments for hands and feet

Beauté des mains
Manicure followed by nourishing modelling (without varnish)

€ 39

Beauté des pieds
Exfoliating treatment followed by a pedicure and relaxing modelling (without varnish)

€ 69

Supplement for varnish

€ 10

Babor Rituals

“Rituel suprême du dos”

Full back treatment, with purifying cleansing followed by modelling with profound and relaxing manoeuvres.

(1h) - 109,-€

« Evasions Babor spa »

(2h15) Balneotherapy - Scrub - Mask - 50’ modelling 269,-€

(1h50) Scrub - Mask - 50’ Modelling 219,-€

Babor Ceremonies

“Cérémonie Babor moment relaxant”

  • Premium Skincare Classic (60’ facial)
  • Rituel suprême du dos
  • Body mask

(2h30) 249,-€

« Cérémonie Babor moment suprême »

  • Premium Skincare Classic (60’ facial)
  • Body scrub
  • Body modelling (50’)

(2h30) 249,-€

« Cérémonie Babor moment d’exception »

The full programme, nourishing and relaxing for a true beauty cure…

  • Premium Skincare Classic (60’ facial)
  • Body Scrub
  • Body mask
  • 30’ modelling
  • Babor foot ritual
  • Babor hand ritual

(3h30) 369,-€

All our treatments are available to both men and women

Duration of the treatments
The duration of your treatment includes your welcome, the time to undress and dress, and for certain treatments, the necessary rest.

Our massages are well-being and aesthetic treatments only and should not be confused with medical or paramedical treatments.

Late arrivals
Please note that treatment time cannot be extended even if you are unable to make your appointment on time.


To schedule an appointment in the spa area of the Manoir de Lébioles, please contact us directly at the reception of the wellness area (number 300) or at the hotel reception (number 100)

External guests can reach us by telephone +32 (0) 87 79 19 00 or by E-Mail

We recommend you arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of your treatment so you have time to change and to relax.

To be able to enjoy the tranquillity of the premises in all its diversity, we ask you to turn off cell phones.

We encourage you to keep your valuables under lock and key because the house cannot accept any liability in case of theft.

Some treatments can induce medical contraindications. Therefore, we encourage you to tell us about any allergies or illnesses, or to consult your doctor.

Cancellations and postponements

In case of cancellation or appointment changes, please inform us 24 hours in advance. If you cancel or change your appointment after this deadline, we have to charge the booked treatment according to the price list (or charge your room account).

The offered treatments cannot be changed in their constituents. However, please do not hesitate to contact our beauty specialists who will gladly design a programme according to your wishes.

Prices and Payment

Prices are subject to change without notice.

When booking your treatments, we may ask for your credit card details as a guarantee.

Advice and information

Please contact our hostesses for any information or advice on treatments and prices
Phone: +32 (0) 87 79 19 00