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The Manoir de Lébioles Spa

Harmony in a world of four elements


Subject to appointment

MONDAY TO FRIDAY, excluding public and school holidays.
To avail of the Spa on Saturdays or Sundays, kindly book a treatment of 79,-€ minimum, a programme or an overnight stay.

39,- €/person for one full day
29,- €/person for half a day

At a minimum amount of 150,-€ selected treatments per person, you receive a 50% discount on the above flat fee.

At an amount of over 250,-€ selected treatments per person, the flat fee is omitted.


Mythical (skin renovating) “CARITA” treatments – 1 hour

Fully manual treatment combining relaxation and an exfoliating massage with our special skin rejuvenation formula for a moment of blissful relaxation and radiant skin…

CINETIC™ LIFT EXPERT (skin renovating) “CARITA” treatments – 1.5 / 1.75 hours

A treatment that combines relaxation and an exfoliating massage with our special skin rejuvenation formula and a massage with CINETIC™ LIFT EXPERT for instant results...

Silky soft
An invigorating and soothing treatment for sensitive skin
Mythical (1 hour) 79,-€
CINETIC™ LIFT EXPERT (1.5 hour) 129,-€
per person
Extreme purity
A cleansing and rebalancing treatment for oily skin
Mythical (1 hour) 79,-€
CINETIC™ LIFT EXPERT (1.5 hour) 129,-€
per person
Intense hydration
A refreshing treatment that relaxes your features and revitalises your skin
Mythical (1 hour) 79,-€
CINETIC™ LIFT EXPERT (1.5 hour) 129,-€
per person
Supreme smoothness
An intensive anti-wrinkle treatment with ultra-targeted massage Massage
Mythical (1 hour) 99,-€
CINETIC™ LIFT EXPERT (1.75 hour) 139,-€
per person
Firming lift
Firming anti-ageing treatment that repairs and corrects the signs of ageing and gives an instant lifting effect
Mythical (1 hour) 109,-€
CINETIC™ LIFT EXPERT (1.75 hour) 149,-€
per Person
Supreme smoothness course
1 treatment of 1.75 hours + 4 sessions of 1 hour
per person
Firming lift course
1 treatment of 1.75 hours + 4 sessions of 1 hour
per person
Face lift with ultrafine gold particles
A luxury anti-aging program for demanding skin.
CINETIC™ LIFT EXPERT (1.75 hours) 179,-€
per person
Global anti-aging treatment (Les Thermes Marins de Saint Malo) (1.5 hour)
The anti-aging treatment that slows down the skin's aging process. For beautifully hydrated, smooth, firm and radiant skin.
139,- €
per person
Royal Fern Soothing Facial, exclusively designed for the Manoir de Lebioles
This nourishing, tailor made facial treatment caters towards all skin types leaving skin soothed, relaxed and even. The skin appears visibly smoother which is due to the active ingredients of the ROYAL FERN COMPLEX which are released into the skin over the course of 12 hours supported by highly effective anti-aging molecules such as hyaluronic acid, retinol and flavonoids. The skin is left provided with long lasting protection and moisture giving it substantially increased elasticity and hydration.
(1h00) 129,- € per person

Eyebrow and upper-lip epilation are included in all our facial and neckline treatments.

Further beauty treatments

  • Dyeing of eye lashes - 25,- €
  • Dyeing of eye brows - 15,- €


The Thermes Marins de Saint Malo Spa skincare range is a natural, marine-based range that combines sensoriality and effectiveness…


Balneotherapy with oils
An aromatic bath with essential oils in the cozy, warm Jacuzzi, relaxing, invigorating or detoxifying, accompanied by gentle relaxation music

39,-€/1 person or
69,-€/2 people

Body scrubs (Les Thermes Marins de Saint Malo)

Tailored to your skin type and requirements…

€ 64

  • Salt and marine clay scrub
    Marine clay, kelp oil, salts: a rich marine composition. Leaves the skin revitalised and toned.
  • Lychee scrub
    Ylang-ylang, ravintsara essential oil, lychee powder, this scrub is an energising cocktail specially designed to hydrate and energise the skin.
  • Sand and coconut scrub
    Papaya, guava, mango, sand and coconut, this scrumptious, vitamin-rich scrub will transport you to faraway shores and restore your skin’s glow and luminosity.
  • Oyster shell powder scrub
    Sea algae serum, oyster shell powder, all the benefits of the sea in a scrub that will make your skin feel soft and ooze vitality again.
  • Lava powder scrub
    Lava powder, spring water, grape seed oil: an alliance of power and bounty for healthy and fresh-looking skin.

Body masks (Les Thermes Marins de Saint Malo)

Tailored to your skin type and requirements…

€ 60

  • Body mask with algae and seaside plants - Remineralising
    Boosts well-being: this kelp and floral rock samphire water wrap remineralises the skin and stimulates tissue drainage.
  • Body mask with volcanic soil - Relaxing - Revitalising
    Recharge your batteries: this body mask with Maltaise blonde extract, yellow clay and thermal spring water from Sclafani revitalises the body.
  • Mousse De Coton body mask - Relaxing
    Sheer softness: a hydrating, relaxing and nourishing mask with cotton oil, bees wax and mango butter for a moment of total relaxation.
  • Body mask with hibiscus flowers - Hydrating - Firming
    Recapture your beauty: marvellous hydrating gel, this body mask, rich in mineral salts, trace elements and hibiscus flower extract is noted for its rejuvenating and anti-ageing effects.
  • Body mask with citrus extracts - Draining
    Light as a feather: this mask with a subtle mix of pineapple, lemon extract, kaffir lime essential oil and buriti oil has a relaxing effect, promotes drainage and gives you a delightful feeling of well-being.

Body massages

Face - Bust - Scalp massage (30 min.)

€ 59

Relaxing massage with plant oils (30 min.)

€ 59

Muscle-relaxing massage (30 min.)
Back-of-the-body massage, with a special focus on the back: stress-relieving, powerful deep-tissue-massage; relaxes muscles and relieves tension.

€ 59

Relaxing massage (Les Thermes de Saint Malo) (50 min.) With essential oils
This full-body massage releases tension and puts you in a state of complete relaxation, inducing a veritable feeling of well-being.

€ 89

Hot sand massage (50 min.)
A body massage with pouches of hot sand. A rhythmic marine choreography of waves and rocking movements

€ 99

Detox massage (30 min.)
This massage rids the body of the after-effects of any excesses and effectively aids the elimination of toxins. Slow, gentle and enveloping, for a moment of absolute relaxation.

€ 59

Lomi Lomi massage (75 min.)
This massage relaxes the body and relieves muscular tension. It is performed with the arm and forearm, using wide, fluid strokes. The sensation of rocking and waves helps to release positive energy.

€ 139


Eye brows

€ 9

Upper lip

€ 9

Upper lip, chin and cheeks

€ 24

Armpit hair

€ 14


€ 19


€ 22


€ 22

Lower leg

€ 24

Complete leg

€ 44

Bikini area

€ 19

Complete bikini area

€ 34

The irresistible care of hands and feet

Beautiful hands
A manicure followed by a modeling (without application of nail polish)

€ 39

Beautiful feet
Exfoliation followed by a pedicure and a relaxing modeling (without application of nail polish)

€ 69

Additional charge for application of nail polish

€ 10

RÊVERIE MARINES (Les Thermes Marins de Saint Malo)

“Relaxing back treatment”

Complete back treatment, a purifying cleansing treatment followed by a deep-tissue and relaxing massage

(1h) - 109,-€

“A pirate’s dream” Remineralising

Discover marine algae, full of mineral salts and marine clays, brimful of magnesium.

  • Balneotherapy with algae
  • Salt and marine clay scrub
  • Body mask with algae and seaside plants
  • Marine oil massage

(2h15) - 249,-€

“Chintzy Dream”

Discover the exotic flora of the Red Isle. Mango and coconut flower water will set you off on a trip where you can enjoy the regenerative and anti-ageing effects of hibiscus flower extract mixed with ylang-ylang and ravensara essential oil for intense relaxation.

  • Sand and coconut scrub
  • Body mask with hibiscus flowers
  • Massage with essential oils from flowers

(1h50) - 199,-€

“Cotton dream”

Clear your mind and head off to the land of meditation where calm and healing reigns. Enjoy the anti-stress properties of oyster shell powder, rich in magnesium. Discover the precious oils of cotton and rice, known for their soothing, hydrating and anti-ageing effects.

  • Oyster shell powder scrub
  • Mousse De Coton body mask
  • Rock samphire massage

(1h50) 199,-€

“Volcanic dream”

Discover the land of volcanoes; dream about the intense underground life of the Etna and surrender yourself to all the Greco-Roman ancestral virtues of the Sicilian thermal baths! Enjoy the benefits of the muds and waters of the hot springs. Inhale the perfume of vitamin-laden citrus fruit and reap the benefits of their essential oils.

  • Lava powder scrub
  • Body mask with volcanic soil
  • Massage with an ointment of prickly pear

(1h50) - 199,- €

Regattas made in Panpuri

“Regatta - deep relaxation with six essential oils”

Ideal for normal to oily skin… with the curative properties of invigorating lemon grass, calming mandarin orange and soothing bergamot…

  • Balneotherapy
  • Scrub with orange peel and honey
  • Body mask
  • Body massage

(2hr 15min) - 249,-€

“Regatta - great serenity”

Ideal for normal to dry skin… to help you de-stress thanks to the revitalising and invigorating properties of jasmine to nurture your sensual side, refreshing peppermint and ylang-ylang

  • Balneotherapy
  • Scrub with orange peel and green tea extract
  • Body mask
  • Body massage

(2hr 15min) - 249,-€


“Port call”

  • Oxygenating facial
  • Relaxing back treatment
  • Body mask with algae and seaside plants

(2h30) - 239,-€

“A walk in the scrubland”

  • Salt and marine clay body scrub
  • Body massage with prickly pear
  • Hydrating facial

(2h30) - 229,-€

“Travel the ocean”

  • Salt and marine clay body scrub
  • Back-of-body massage with pouches of hot sand
  • Hydrating facial

(2h) - 199,-€

“A scented walk on Île de Beauté”

Total beauty package, the ultimate in skin care and relaxation…

  • Oyster shell powder scrub
  • Mousse De Coton body mask
  • Rock samphire massage
  • Complete anti-ageing facial
  • Pedicure (nail varnishing not included)
  • Manicure (nail varnishing not included)

(4h) - 349,-€


All our treatments are available to both men and women

Duration of the treatments
The duration of your treatment includes your welcome, the time to undress and dress, and for certain treatments, the necessary rest.

Our massages are well-being and aesthetic treatments only and should not be confused with medical or paramedical treatments.

Late arrivals
Please note that treatment time cannot be extended even if you are unable to make your appointment on time.


To schedule an appointment in the spa area of the Manoir de Lébioles, please contact us directly at the reception of the wellness area (number 300) or at the hotel reception (no. 100)

External guests can reach us by telephone +32 (0) 87 79 19 00 or by E-Mail

We recommend to arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of your treatment so you have time to change and to relax

To be able to enjoy the tranquility of the premises in all its diversity, we ask you to turn off cell phones

We encourage you to keep your valuables under lock and key because the house cannot accept any liability in case of theft

Some treatments can induce medical contraindications. Therefore we encourage you to tell us about any allergies or illnesses, or to consult your doctor.

Cancellations and postponements

In case of cancellation or appointment changes, please inform us 24 hours in advance. If you cancel or change your appointment after this deadline we have to charge the booked treatment according to the price list (or charge your room account).

The offered treatments cannot be changed in their constituents. However, please do not hesitate to contact our beauty specialists who will gladly design a program according to your wishes.

Prices and Payment

Die Preise können ohne Vorankündigung geändert werden.

When booking your treatments we take the liberty to ask for your credit card details as a guarantee.

Advice and information

Please contact our hostesses for any information or advice on treatments and prices
Phone: +32 (0) 87 79 19 00