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History of the Manoir de Lébioles

Manoir de Lébioles is one of the most beautiful buildings of the architectonic inheritage of the city Spa. It was built between 1905 and 1910 by Georges Neyt (1842-1910). This exrtaordinary visionary, far dispatched diplomat and authorised minister is said to have been a son of King Leopold I. Unfortunately, he could enjoy his “small Versailles of the Ardennes” only for a short time.

Heiress and only daughter of the builder, Mary Neyt, sold Le Manoir to Edmond Dresse, a Liege businessman, in 1912. In 1926, the family Dresse obtained the title “Dresse de Lébioles”. The family lived in the building for the next 69 years. In this time, the building obtained new glamour due to magnificent events, organized primarily by Liliane Dresse de Lébioles, single grandchild of Edmond, and her father Armand. These events included plays of the national theatre of Belgium, hunts, concerts and balls.

Liliane sold the building in the year of 1980 to the Société Immobilière de Belgique. It was resold in the same year to a family of hoteliers. The building was conducted up to the year 1999 under the name „Hotel de Charme“ with high standards and great success. However, starting with the sale of the hotel in 1999, a relatively unhappy period began for the Manoir. Plans to introduce a “new” hotel concept failed and the building was administered inadequately and parts of it were vandalised severely.

In over one year of renovations and modernizations, chimneys were restored, old staircases were expanded and reinstalled, historic floors were exposed and fitted using traditional techniques. The over 120 year-old windows were renovated, the gardens brought to former beauty, and many other things.


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