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Caviar Imperial Heritage «Trésor» en Belle-Vue
The "Trésor" has a classic and very elegant taste. This caviar has a distinguished, sweet and buttery note with a subtle aftertaste. The shining pearls are medium-sized, dark grey to black. Refined in character (young maturation). Mild malossol.
Box of 50gr - € 135
Caviar Imperial Heritage «Connoisseurs» en Belle-Vue
This delicious selection “Connoisseurs” Caviar satisfies even the choosiest refined palates and it is most appreciated by the best connoisseurs in the world. It originates from the Siberian Sturgeon. A distinguished crispy, nutty flavour combined with a long subtle after taste, is what characterises this Caviar. This caviar has ripened with character, resulting in its full flavour. The “Connoisseurs” Caviar is salted Mild Malossol.
Limited Offer -
Box of 50gr -
€ 165
Oysters Gillardeau n°2 from «Baie de Sinche» 6 Pieces on Ice - € 30


Foie Gras – Trout
Hot smoked Trout from « La Commanderie 7 » / Foie gras / Pear
€ 38
Fettuccine Spinach/ Cèpe Mushroom from the Ardennes / Miso / Nuts
Italian Autumn Truffle (Uncinatum) (extra charge 20)
€ 25
“Signature Dish”
Dried and Smoked Veal from the «Ferme du Mont des Brumes»
Trout of «La Commanderie 7»
Horseradish Mayonnaise
€ 35

Main Courses

Scalopps Bay of Saint-Brieuc Erquy
Butternut / Celery / Poiré of « Maison Drouin » from Normandy
Caviar Imperial Heritage (extra charge 20)
€ 56
Roe deer
Parsnip / Wild Mushrooms of the Manor / Cranberries Sauce Grand Veneur
€ 58
Filet Pur Steak of Galician Beef "Dry Aged"
Vegetables / Truffle from Italy
€ 60


Pear / Jerusalem artichoke
Bavarian Jerusalem artichoke / Valrhona-Biskélia Chocolate / Pear
€ 20
Mushroom Ganache / Fig / Hazelnut
€ 20
Cheese Selection from «Maison Straet» € 22

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