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City of Spa

The Pearl of the Ardennes

a name often used for Spa, has a well-known past and experienced its prime in the 18th/19th century. At this time, Spa was known as “Europe´s coffee house”. Today, Spa, with its Mineral springs and wells is a modern health and bathing resort with ca. 11 000 inhabitants and a promising future.

All over the year various folklore and cultural events take place, attracting ever more visitors: The music festival "Francofolies de Spa", which is famous far beyond the borders of Belgium, the Theater festival of Stavelot and Spa as well as the procession of the Blanc-Moussins of Stavelot are only some of many other audience-drawing events

Even sport-fanatics do not miss out in the “land of the springs”: Apart from the world-famous Formula 1 race course of Spa-Francorchamps with many spectacular events, there are countless hiking trails and mountain bike circuits, swimming pools, ski-slopes (ski touring and alpine) as well as centres for biking and skydiving. Moreover, Spa has the Royal Golf Club, one of the oldest and most beautiful golf courses of Belgium.


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