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Motor sport at Manoir de Lébioles

Motor sport at Manoir de Lébioles

In collaboration with Jörg van Ommen Autosport

This offer includes one overnight stay in our luxurious «Chambre Relais» !


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Porsches location for driving on road or on circuit:

997 GTS:
€ 940,00 with 250 kilometers included, 5hours (8-13h, or 14-19h), Caution € 1.000,00
991 GT3:
€ 1.680,00 with 150 kilometers included, 5 hours (8-13h, or 14-19h) Caution € 5.000,00
991 GT3 RS:
€ 2.870,00 with 150 kilometers included, 5 hours (8-13h, or 14-19h) Caution € 10.000,00

Special price for the day: -25%
Additional 30% charges + €1.000 insurance for using the circuit.
Rates include VAT, an instructor on circuit and one night in a Chambre Relais.
All the prices are excluding circuit access.

Extra charge for additional kilometers:
Porsche 991 GT3 RS = 7,15€
Porsche 991 GT3 = 5,90€
Porsche 997 GTS = 4,60€

Technical assistance
provided by the Jörg van Ommen Autosport team

Lessons / personal coaching
provided by Jörg van Ommen or an experienced instructor


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