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  • Oliver Tucki vor Manoir de Lebioles
  • kulinarische Köstlichkeiten
  • Oliver Tucki im Restaurant
  • kulinarische Köstlichkeiten
  • kulinarische Köstlichkeiten
  • kulinarische Köstlichkeiten

Olivier Tucki

Raised in Chablis in France’s Bourgogne region, Olivier Tucki left his hometown at the age of 20 to pursue his profession in London. As an understudy to Michel Bourdin (Maitre Cuisinier France) he worked at the Connaught Hotel for 7 years (1* Michelin) and became the second-in-line sous chef to a team of 45 cooks and patissiers.

He left London and moved to Brussels thereafter, where he worked as the sous chef to Willy Vermeulen and Olivier Shlissinger at the “Biijgaarden” (2* Michelin) Restaurant. On a recommendation made by Yves Matagnes he moved to Spa, Belgium where he became first in command at the Sea Grill Restaurant (2* Michelin) in Spa’s Radisson SAS Hotel. Through this he came to love the Ardennes region, made his first experiences as the chef of an internationally acclaimed hotel in Belgium, and was awarded 15 points by Gault Millau and 8,5 points by Guide Lemaire.

His professional passion made him move to the Manoir de Lébioles in Spa after 3 years at the Radisson Hotel’s “Sea Grill” where he is devoting his expertise and professionalism to the Haute Cuisine within this newly refurbished Hotel Du Charme. His team followed him and together they established a creative and exceptional cuisine for the Manoir which bears Olivier Tucki´s hallmarks. All these efforts bore fruit in 2012 when he was awarded 16 points by Gault et Millau; in 2014, he was rewarded with the Delta d'Or (Golden Delta) and a 4th toque in the restaurant guide of that same name.

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